Media and Press Requests

Press Pass Policy 

Each year, STANY receives numerous requests by members of the media to attend our events. There are a limited number of press presses available, and all press requests are handled prior to the event. No press passes are handed out on site; there will be no exceptions.

Press Passes are granted to photographers and writers on specific assignments for major financial media outlets and publications as well as for our Media Partners*. 

No video cameras or recording devices are allowed, unless specific permission is granted prior to the event(s). 

Finally, those in the media who attend our events are asked to be respectful of our guests. If someone does not want his or her photo to be taken, or does not wish to be interviewed, please respect that request. If your media outlet requires releases, it will be your responsibility to obtain them. 

All requests for press passes to STANY events must be submitted 7 days prior to the event and directed to Kimberly Unger at [email protected] or 212-344-0410.

Media Partnerships

STANY is happy to entertain mutually beneficial partnerships with media outlets, as well as other organizations with similar missions. 

If you are interested in being a Media Sponsor or exploring ways in which STANY can partner with your organization, please contact Kimberly Unger.

Please note, not all requests can be granted and if at all possible, please contact us with your interest 2 months prior to an event for Media Partnership.