About Us


The Security Traders Association of New York (STANY) has represented professionals in the trading and financial services community in the Greater New York City area for more than 80 years. STANY is a member and the largest affiliate of The Security Traders Association (STA). STA, and its regional affiliates, including STANY, are the longest active professional organizations focused directly and solely on issues related to securities trading.


Unlike other professional associations in the securities industry, STANY is run by its members- a dedicated group of practitioners. STANY is a not-for-profit corporation run by a small executive staff and a Board of Directors elected from the industry. Dedicated volunteers from the membership are called upon to lend their assistance and expertise. STANY’s structure provides flexibility and permits the Association to respond to the ever changing needs of its members and the community and remain vibrant and relevant.

Through education, advocacy and networking, STANY and its members are focused on fostering and maintaining liquid and efficient markets with robust capital formation for the benefit of both the trading community and investors.

STANY is committed to the education and empowerment of its members. In an increasingly electronic and impersonal marketplace, STANY provides opportunities for networking and sharing of information and ideas among members and with leaders in the financial services community.

By harnessing the collective experience and expertise of their members, STANY and STA serve as voices for the trading community; representing the unique prospective of their members with regulators, legislators and the investing public.

The support of the financial services community is crucial as it makes it possible for the Association to represent the opinions and concerns of trading professionals to regulators, legislators, the media and the public. STANY is supported solely by its members and sponsors and receives no funding from STA, other associations or the government.

About STANY's Members

STANY members are employed by broker-dealers, exchanges, ATSs, systems providers, fintech companies, hedge funds, and institutions. They trade all classes of securities- listed and OTC equities, options, derivatives, ETFs and bonds. They participate on both the buy and sell side of the markets. They are market makers, brokers, dealers, liquidity providers, compliance personal, technical traders, portfolio managers and lawyers. They provide liquidity to the markets, risk their own capital, facilitate the execution of securities for customers and drive the economic engine of capital formation in the US markets.

STANY members share a common interest in the protection and advancement of the trading profession. This affinity of interest allows STANY to represent a diverse membership while maintaining a non-partisan approach to advocacy. Whenever possible, STANY approaches advocacy through consensus building and supports change and innovation consistent with the best interests of a robust and continuously functioning market without reference to any one business model.


To encourage high standards of conduct and ethical practice in the trading division of the investment, security, and banking business.

To broaden public understanding of the important functions of traders and financial services professionals, and of their contributions to capital markets and the economy.

To conduct or cooperate in providing programs and education relating to trading, capital markets, and financial services.

To provide benefits derived from personal acquaintances and a community forum to engage members and the trading, capital markets, and financial services community on behalf of their collective interests.

To advocate on behalf of the collective interests of its members and the trading, capital markets, and financial services community.

To undertake such other functions and to cooperate with other associations or organizations in such programs and activities as may be consistent with the mission and purposes of the Corporation.